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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  February 8, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EST

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>> the irs is actually rehiring people that had time performance issues, tax cheats, what the heck, that's crazy. >> say this after me, only at the irs. >> amen. >> cavuto on business, neil is next. well what is the fuss over a few? it doesn't take many to make mayhem, does? i'm neil kacavuto. one in three released gitmo detainees are returning to the business of terror. that would make out to be close to 200 of them. remember in canada it took all of one guy to do this. in paris just two terrorists to murder a dozen. and on 9/11, 19 hijackers to kill nearly 3,000. so forget about all the money we are spending to keep them there, are we risking even more and springing them from there? charles payne is at the money snow florida thinks so, and says that it's time to hit the brakes
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on closing gitmo. >> look who's here with us. adam by the way will be back next week, we have a flag-burning rally or something like that. i'm joking. joking. all right. charles payne, what do you make of this now that we lose sight of the fact that it doesn't take a lot of terror to do a whole lot of damage? >> well, you know, some of us have lost sight of the whole, the whole issues. you know, if you refuse to call this terrorism, if you refuse to call the people that are doing this radical islamists, if you refuse to say listen we're going to make a bigger commitment. it's just ludicrous. it's really crazy how the political correctness of this issue has put us all at, is putting us all at greater risk. you just spouted off the numbers, neil and they speak for themselves. we are in the middle of an amazing war that saw a human
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being burned to death in front of everyone, set a fire in front of the entire world to see. these are the savages we're dealing with and we're putting more of them in play, it's nuts. >> well i don't understand where the whole kplulgs to close guantanamo comes from. it's a prison, it's expensive to run prison. it's a good place to have them far away from us. why do we care if we keep them there unless the evidence is overwhelming they were picked up mistake, why not keep them there there? but nothing compared to the cost of terrorism. this is a compulsion again to kiss the butt of fidel castro. and i don't see where it does us any good. >> you know the argument from shutting it down from the president and others is that it's a lightning rod for terrorists, i've argued there've been plenty of lightning rods, doesn't take much to get them going. >> and the implication is we're somehow asking for terror
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against us by keeping it open. and i completely disagree with that guantanamo bay detention center was opened in 2002, after we were attacked on 9/11. so i completely disagree with that and sending the detainees back to their home countries. we are sending terrorists back into the wild and asking for attacks against us. >> what do you think of that charlie, the resit vichl rate is such that one of four are back in business. that's bad. >> reading my mind, but i think it's interesting -- >> gary get inside my head that people like julie and adam, i can take a shot at him, he's not here. >> you don't even know. >> taking a shot at me. >> i have not even gone to julie. >> i think it's fascinating that they can't believe that the revisit vichl rate among terrorists is very high. you know low and behold, they return to be terrorists. listen, it's a joke. part of incarceration in the
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u.s. when the american says you commit a crime there's a reform process, you're not going to reform a terrorist. that's it, it's over. that's why guantanamo is needed. to keep them off our ground. the last thing we need is a prison break of 20 20 terrorists. >> well, julie, what do you think of this? whether we should at least in light of the recent developments and the brutal killing of this hostage and say well now might be a good time to just sort of slow down on this disbanding of gitmo, what do you think? >> he goes comes back, ready to attack me for no reason. i think the reason we have super max prisons in the country. >> i knew what you were going to say. that's what i said you said. >> i didn't say release them all. there's super max prison that nobody's ever come out. i don't see why they can't go back -- >> clint eastwood did in one movie. >> wait a second, if you like super max prisons keep them in the ultimate down in guantanamo?
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>> what why, it's a horrible thing -- >> no, because it's not near anybody here. >> okay. >> keep them away from the women and children here. >> are you losing sleem over people at super max are going to come to your high-rise and kill you? >> julie why -- >> julie, julie, with all do respect -- julie with the greatest respect, why the commotion to close it? we have hundreds of bases overseas, why to close this one? >> for several reasons, one i believe it sends a horrible signal, listen, this is like -- >> what? >> they hate us anyway. they hate us anyway. >> it's not them. it's not just them it's the arab streak who think and rightly so, that listen -- >> we don't give a -- they hate us anyway. >> turn our backs on israel, julie, they're going to hate us forever? >> galvanizes the hatred. >> i totally disagree i agree
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with ben, they hate us anyway. and they can point to that, the orange jump suits, well is it avid grey or guantanamo bay. the compulsion is because it was a political promise made by the president. pure and simple. and it gives him something to talk about and stand on. that's why he wants to do it. >> from a law enforcement standpoint, think about what jewly is comparing, john gaudy to khaledshake mohammad. >> i'm compared zack in colorado for years and years and years with the people sitting there. and by the way -- >> i think we should ship them back to guantanamo too. >> okay. >> i'm just saying you're comparing apples and oranges. >> let me get a handle on this thing. >> terrorist to a terrorist. >> okay. charles, you're with a bunch of guys who look to invest in florida, the money show presumably doing some work and one of the things that you probably have covered is that the folks, people want to focus on making money.
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they want to focus on capitalism and getting more capitalism in this country, and a lot of them come back and no doubt say, because you're not all that far, you know keep these bad guys where they are because we want to just keep them at a distance so we can do our thing. what do you think? >> absolutely. there's a thing called peace of mind that's extraordinarily important. i find it interesting that julie finds it more important that public image abroad rather than the image here in america. how safe americans feel against how angry we're making someone on the streets of damascus. here's the bottom line because i'm remote let me just get this in, i'm going to tell you right now also julie the idea of general population to major u.s. prisons only creates a recruiting base in america. >> that too. >> i think it's a dumb, crazy idea. >> first of all they would not be in the general population, have you lost one moment's sleep the fact that zack rye yus is sitting in colorado, i haven't,
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have you? until i just told you. >> i'm glad you asked that -- >> one at the same time. one at the same time. ben, you're up. >> there are people who care about that. >> with the greatest respect, why are the democrats and mr. obama so fixated on guantanamo? they are horrible awful people why not keep them as far the hell away as we can? >> why did the bush administration release 101 confirmed? not suspected -- >> are you saying they're not horrible people? >> some are. >> most of them are. >> she raises a good point, charlie, charlie, she raises a good point. some were released by president bush. >> i'm not saying that's a good thing. >> are you saying all are bad? >> most of them probably are. >> no. >> and we need a process of weeding out the good from the bad. not this sort of willy nilly. >> you don't buy the fact that the administration is going through the process? >> no, i don't. >> okay. >> you look at the choices they
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made. >> to you. >> i take issue with the fact that they say this is the biggest, greatest action we can take to fight terrorism closing this prison. how about fighting it where it lives? >> all right. well, okay, that's pretty fair and balanced. four against one here. reminder here when ben starts saying with the greatest of respect, you're in for it. >> flying me the bird. >> where is the flag burning? i was told there was a flag burning somewhere. >> you'll find it, you'll find it. meanwhile just about ready to go, what do you have coming up, davey? >> hi neil. the u.s. is ramping up aid for jordan in order to ramp up the fight against isis. is giving more money to war the best way to defeat isis? also remember democrats warning of a job's catastrophe when the jobless benefits were cut. a year ago later, we're going to tell you why they were completely wrong. we're going to see you at the top of the hour.
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>> thank you, david. up here and next the land of the free byes, now giving somekilled.
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i'm greg jarrett, now back to cavuto on business. okay. tax breaks were illegal, the irs saying that the president's
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executive action for illegals mean a lot of them get refunds on money they earned on illegal. the argument goes i think like this, they worked here, some have filed the numbers that you have to register, saw that you were working and paying taxes and they're due the money back. what do you think? >> i say, let's take it a step further and just cut checks to people when they sneak into this country illegal and just hand them out. >> we can do that, we can do that. >> we're going to go trolling for people in this country illegally and just give them $500 a piece. on the surface it makes sense, but you're rewarding people for being here in this country illegally. now of course this means if you get a refund, you getted earned income tax credit, you've been paying your taxes it remains to be seen how many were actually -- >> charles payne, they have been paying their taxes, right? it's now just the semantics debate, i guess right? >> i wouldn't go that far because you'd be entertaining the idea.
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let's squash it. >> they are. >> listen -- here's the thing, we rolled out the red carpet, housing, food, voting rights, you know pay for your kid's college. what's the deterrent? we don't want to build a wall, what's the deterrent? i'm ready to leave the country and come back in illegally. >> julie i hope you're proud of yourself, what do you think about this? >> charles don't go, please. listen, if you have to file a tax return i assume you need a social security of some sort i know i do. they're filing tax returns, they are getting the money back, i assume the irs is not checking to see whether they're legal or not. they're getting a tax return bureaucrat at irs is double checking to see they're due a refund, they are, they get the check back. it's not the ins they have to -- >> but, we're covering a period that they weren't legal residents of this country. >> but how does the irs know that? why does that matter? >> how would the irs know that? that's the difference. i suspect you need some sort of id number that you'd only get if you're a legal resident. >> no how do you think they got
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that number? >> how do you expect the irs legally or not, how do you know that? >> why does this feel like adam cost tell low who was on first? >> they are filing something they shouldn't be filing because they are not here, they are not legal, now executive order that delays the deportation we're saying since we're delaying it everything you paid in the meantime up to now, you're going to get back, or some of it. >> neil, you're skk the irs not to give them the money back. how does the irs know who they are? >> ben, the irs is exploring that, what do you think? >> i think this is deeply complex -- >> whoa. touche. >> how does the irs know good point, they don't know. is it legal to give a person a refund on money that he's earned illegally? chow that possibly be? and anything they earned because
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they were here illegally. i don't understand how the irs will figure this out, but then again, i don't understand how the irs said last year i owed something like $200 million in taxes, that's more even that's more even than neil earns. so i mean -- >> i tell you, they'll beat you up, my man. >> take taxes out of the speech money. >> well, i would just say this how does the irs know which conservative groups to target? i mean julie, i mean -- >> very good point. >> they're not exactly. >> very good. >> they know exactly which conservative groups to target, and i got, i could make lemons out of lemon aid here. what we'll do if you're an illegal, you want your check, you go to the deportation office, and they give it to you there and they deport you. >> there is that. >> the irs doesn't care. they just want the money. they want you to pay if you worked in this country they want you to pay taxes on the money. >> charles, i want to reason with you, this is what happens when you all of the sudden, with the stroke of a pen delay
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deportations for millions of illegals. it's like a domino effect, this is naturally something that would come up that if you had been working here and have some sort of number that you got to prove you worked here, pay taxes here, you get the money back. in other words, one illegal event, this is my opinion. i think the president's executive action was illegal, you know triggers other illegal post events. and that is what's so weird. >> well, it's not weird and it's not unintended consequence. again -- >> i believe i said it was weird. >> well -- >> yeah. but i've got a feeling that there are some people who actually planned it to be this way because you know what to your point the more complicated it gets the more ownerous it gets the easier it is to say let them stay. >> why can't off string attached. you want your check, show up to the deportation office.
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if you don't want your check don't show up. >> all of us. >> if you're an illegal alien and you want your check -- >> poor julie. >> you show up. >> the irs can pull conservative groups out of a hay stack -- >> how does the irs figure all these things out? >> how does the irs weigh into this and start making contingency plans for getting money back made by illegals? i don't know. what did you say, ben it's telecommuting? >> very, very complicated. very complicated. very complicated. >> when we come back when we come back so the government not only taxing the money you earn, not only that now it wants to tax the money you save.
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all right. forget spreading the wealth. how about capping it and then doubling the tax on it? the president saying that $3.4 million or thereabouts, that's enough money for retirement anything over that he wants to add an extra tax. taxing money that you think about it is already been taxed, a certificate tax on top of it. what tuning bern. >>. >> apparently the idea is that president obama has decided that no retiree needs more than $200,000 a year to live on and that's nonsense, by the way. ask my son about that. the real issue is this, when does is it the government's job
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to say how much people need to live on? that's a nightmare. it's not up to the government. it's up to us. >> dagen. >> i want to channel charles pane it's the message that this sends as well that success is evil. that money is disgusting and that it flies in the face of everything that america is about, about succeeding and earning your own way and becoming successful. >> which brings us to julie. >> believe it or not, i actually agree with dagen. i think this is a horrible message and i'm completely opposed to this proposal. >> wait a minute. >> do you know what i realize there's already a show called outnumbered on this network so i'm going to agree with you on something. >> charles pane, what do you make of this? even some democrats were popping it, where is it going? >> all of this comes back to the idea of social justice it's go y. they wanted to tax college
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funds. within they found out mitt romney had millions and millions of dollars in his 401(k) they lost their minds, they went crazy and this is the idea of ben's right how does the government tell you how much you should live on and discourage people from saving? we did this before. this was a report out in 1966 that 155 americans were getting away without paying taxes, we did the alternative tax and because of that rule to go after rich people a 4.5 marns will have to pay same tax. >> you do get the impression that every loopy leftist idea that ever popped into president obama's head when he was a community organizer or college professor it's like he's just blowing it out now, just let it rip and his last two years he's going to throw the kitchen sink -- >> it didn't go anywhere on the 529 thing. >> it's in that genre of nut eens. >> i don't think it goes anywhere but it speaks to how
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they feel about success. >> the last two years is going to be leftism unhinged. >> now it's time for the later. blessedly we're done. i want to thank you so much very, very much. meanwhile, the government may want to cap how much you can make, but not these guys. because they've
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depot building boom around the corner. >> derk shier, i love warren


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